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Pity The Dead lyrics


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     Pity The Dead
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        there's a boy in crimson rags with a grimace and a spoon, and a little sullen
    girl face?up staring at the moon
    and there's no one around to hear their lonesome cries
    then they pass away alone into the night
    why do we pity the dead?
    are you churned by emotion from voices in your head?
    (are you scared of the logic that swirls within your head)
    look at all the living and you'll ask yourself why
    oh why do we
    pity the dead?
    pity the dead!
    well, you've seen the disease, suffering and decay,
    and you whisper to yourself blissfully "it's okay"
    and you still refuse the possibility
    that the dead are better off than we
    tell me what you see, tell me what you know
    is there anyone who lives a painless life?
    if there is show me so
    the destitute and famished, demonic and the
    banished, dejected and the ostracized, the
    brainwashed and the paralyzed, the conquered
    and objectified, the few who see the other side
    tell me what you see! It's a mortal wretched cacophony
    in the end you may find there's no guiding subtle light,
    no ancestors or friends, no judge of wrong or right
    just eternal silence and dormancy
    and a final everlasting peace
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